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Artificial intelligence – Friend not foe – Building machines for the humans

Stephen C - February 21, 2018 - 0 comments

Everyone from venture capitalists through to health insurance firms are clamouring to implement AI technology.

This technology can provide countless benefits for companies, automating many banal tasks, that humans either don’t wish to perform or easily make mistakes on.

There are many scare articles suggesting that AI is going to put countless individuals out of a job, while I cannot argue on a base level about the specifics of these reports. I think it is worth putting the hysteria aside to remember that humans were around long before AI, and they will of course be around long after.

I don’t believe that the survival of our very species can be cast into doubt based on the arrival of AI.

On the contrary, I think it represents an exciting development in the next step of human evolution, and this technology is something that should be actively embraced not shunned and greeted with hysteria.

AI can complement the work that people do and can also help to make work more efficient.

Take for example supermarket employees. The self-checkout counters haven’t eliminated checkout workers, it has given them the ability to carry out other tasks, and of course as everyone knows these automated systems require some human intervention to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The automated check in procedure at airports allows staff to spend extra time assisting other customers who may require extra assistant.

AI is more about efficiency enhancements as opposed to forcing people from their jobs.

Ammi systems role is to help manage AI into a firm in order to improve efficiencies, as opposed to forcing people from their jobs.

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