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How do I bring AI into my working world?

Stephen C - February 21, 2018 - 0 comments

Everywhere you look people are waxing lyrical about the benefits of artificial intelligence. It has become a pop culture buzz word and all the tech giants seem keen to welcome people onto the bandwagon.

However, what are the commercial uses of said technology, can there be a business application to this cutting edge and exciting technology?

The gap between ambition and execution is huge at most companies. Globally roughly one in five companies has incorporated AI into some of its offerings or processes.

Just one in twenty firms has extensively incorporated AI into its operations.

It is undoubtable however that successful implementation of AI presents significant competitive advantages for those who are early adopters.

Airbus is using artificial intelligence to improve speed and production under its A350 program.

The biggest hurdles at these companies are hiring and developing talent and establishing priorities for AI investments.

There are also concerns in relation to security which is putting companies off investing in this technology.

As a data analytics tool AI technology is extremely valuable, particularly for large banks who are handling potentially millions of transactions every day.

The purpose of Ammi Systems is to help businesses to discover how AI could benefit them, and more importantly how to successfully manage it into their business.

Talk to Ammi Systems to discover how we can bring AI to your business.

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