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What’s with all the emails?

Stephen C - February 21, 2018 - 0 comments

Picture the scene. You walk into a meeting room, you are on a video call and the moment arrives when you need to content share. You reach for the HDMI cable and as you pull it from its retractable module you realise that the end of the cable is broken.

Luckily for you the meeting room that you are in is equipped with wireless presentation tools, and you are able to carry on, however not everyone will have that option.

So what do you do? You need to report this obviously as it is going to have a knock-on effect to everyone else who may want to use the room, however you are 8 weeks into your new job and you are not really sure who looks after this.

Following the meeting you enquire around your office who looks after maintenance of the meeting rooms.

They throw out a list of names as to people who they believe might be able to help.

You email two of them, and compose a message explaining the issues and hope for the best. It takes about four hours to get a response, whereby you are given another email address.

So you dutifully search through your sent items for the text of the original mail, copy and paste it and send it on to the support email address, and you hear nothing back. So you send a follow up email, again no response!

Several weeks later you are in the same meeting room and you reach for the HDMI cable, and viola it has been fixed! However, you are left wondering, who fixed it and when? Was it your three emails that did it, or was it someone else’s emails. Or did the maintenance department just so happen to discover the broken cable head during a sweep of the meeting rooms?

Now imagine a world with a digital assistant built specifically for your company.  You dictate straight to it, your problems and issues, it logs a ticket through your salesforce or other CRM system, and you are given a reference number.

No bothering other staff for emails, no composing and sending of emails, no follow up emails, just a simple conversation with a chat bot, who gets to work solving the issue.

A much more streamlined experience for all involved. Companies are forever trying to implement strategies to cut down on wasteful email communication, which can often be a significant drain on an individuals time, and therefore dents productivity.

One of the main goals of Ammi Systems is to implement technologies that allow for this new model of communication. We want to build a world, where individuals are able to get simple tasks done with the minimum of effort.

Ammi Systems works to build a bespoke solution for a company that takes into consideration their wants and needs, and also to tackle the biggest drains on their time.

Talk to ammi systems about how you can manage AI into your working world.

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