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Ammi Systems CEO Stephen Milner

Stephen C - February 26, 2018 - 0 comments

Stephen Milner is the CEO of Ammi Systems limited. An AI integration company, that are spearheading the adoption of conversational AI with the new UMA platform. UMA brings together all of your business applications, the UMA interface serves as the front end, powered by text or your voice.

With a new office about to open in Washington DC, Stephen explains to us why he felt the need to launch the platform and where he believes AI is headed for in the future:


Hi Stephen, when did you first become interested in AI

Well, I think in some way I’ve always liked the idea of AI, it’s been around us for years (albeit in a primitive way) in films and life growing up, we just notice it more with the likes of Siri but I actually really started to think about AI and its application more around 2 years ago, when I thought why can’t we use AI in the business space. We have seen Apple, Google and Amazon come up with these home integration devices very much aimed at the consumer, so why can’t we have these in the business world.


 And what prompted you to start the company AMMI systems?

 I’ve been in the audio-visual business for over 12 years now and have seen and reacted to a number of AV trends. I started Ammi in reaction to that ever-growing landscape. I always wanting to make sure we had a dedicated technology research and development team, so it grew out of that. Also, Ammi is so much more than just AI , it’s a business that works with you in developing an IoT strategy.


 How will AI change the way in which an enterprise company works?

 Modern conversational AI is still in its relevant infancy, however when you drill into some of the big publications you can see that nearly 15% of the US job market can be seen to be delivered by BOTs and some form of automated AI service. I don’t see this as a negative as natural progression takes over, it is coming, but we will still need custodians of AI and I personally believe that re-investment back into people to help manage and develop them into roles that will evolve as AI does. 


What is the future for AI in general?

 That is a tough one, I think that only around 10% of the world is using AI now in a personal capacity – I think we are going to see more integrations of technology to one platform and for it be part of our day to day lives at home first and then at work. That’s really what UMA has been built around in fact. Taking these simple requests from the home into a business context.Take for example asking your personal device what the traffic is like, we want to translate this into a work place setting so you can ask your digital assistant about how many holidays you have left, or book a meeting room all using the power of your voice. We want to eradicate wasteful email communication that erodes productivity.  


Tell me a bit about UMA?

Uma Thurman ?? ok well, no I’m kidding UMA (Unify Manage Assist) this is our AI engine that we build under the umbrella of our business Ammi systems. UMA is a conversational AI platform that is completely agnostic in its platform, it connects all your business applications through the engine and gives you one simple interface to converse with, either by text or speech. We have also built this out to sit within your business applications like Cisco spark, Slack, Skype for business. You can access your HR information, book flights, hotels, checkout company information from database management, control Audio visual in meeting rooms. The opportunity is endless for you to bring all this into one simple UI.


When will UMA be available?

Now, you can contact us to walk you through the solution, we have a number of models which are bespoke to enterprise organisations.


So, visit us at and let’s have a chat.


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