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AI in the modern meeting space

Stephen C - March 28, 2018 - 0 comments

As I sit at my desk and think about what the next big innovation should be coming out of our innovative team, I turn my attention to my day and to the fact that it is 7pm in the evening and I am only just getting to the point where I am able to do my work or “real work” as I like to call it.

I’m actioning my notes from the meetings I have had for 5 hours straight, I’m booking rooms for my meetings tomorrow and hotels for my visits to other countries next week.

So, what’s my point? I hear you cry, well simply put: this stuff has to be easier and as an AI (artificial intelligence) based business I have to look at what AI can do to help make this process faster, easier and scalable.

On the back of our already popular conversational AI platform that integrates with our meeting room booking system, which acts as our 1st line support function, I begin to map out what our next phase is for Uma (unify, manage and assist), it’s all in the name right?


I need my meeting room tech to do as I want without having to use my hands.

Let’s just tell it to call one of my other meeting spaces and while we are at it, lets just add in the ability to learn when I actually walk in the room and it just dials for me, because it’s deep learning capability recognises that I’ve booked a meeting space and invited all other parties. No hassle, no fuss, it just happens.


So, I’m reading my notes from my last meeting and I can’t read one part due to the doodle I did on the page after, so let’s just ask the room to take and action for one of the people in the room and it adds the task to the individual’s task list and pops the deadline in their calendar as a reminder.


With just 15 minutes to go and we have 3 agenda items left, the room reminds me that we have allowed 10 mins for each item and we only have 15 mins left. This should help sharpen focus, or in the event that we do need to reschedule I ask the room to extend our meeting by 30 mins as we all have clear diaries. This then re-books the room in our system.


With the meeting over, I ask the room to send out all notes and actions to meeting attendees, however with another meeting in 15 mins, I ask my device the location and I get directions to the meeting room I’m in.

Then I get it to repeat the above steps, allowing me to open a beer at home at 7pm instead of doing all that admin, plus I get to book my travel through our conversational AI platform on the way home because its integrated to our travel booking sites, its deep learning remembers my travel routes and knows where and how I like to travel.

Flight booked, hotel booked and emails with confirmations sent.

The above might sound like the utopia for all, but the reality is, we are not far from this and at ammi we are looking to offer all of this as an integration to your teams within the next 6 months.

The future is not near, its here!

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