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Ammi Systems launches Salesforce App using the power of UMA

Stephen C - March 28, 2018 - 0 comments

Today Ammi Systems have launched UMA for Salesforce. This new app runs upon our UMA engine, the result being a dedicated conversational AI that works solely for Salesforce.

You can now talk to Salesforce either by voice or text to get business critical information from the world’s largest CRM platform.

Salesforce boasted last year a 21.1% growth and dictated a massive 19.7% market share against a 4.3% Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Ammi Systems can only see the open platform going from strength to strength in the coming years with a more open architecture that leverages the powerful computing cloud.

The lite version is free of charge to use from the iOS App store, with basic features like, lead creation , contact creation and help desk functions.

Version 2 will debut at this year’s Dreamforce (which will showcase all of the APIs available).

Try it for yourself from the iOS App Store and see how UMA transform the way you interact with Salesforce.

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