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Is the world ready for Conversationalist AI

Stephen C - August 6, 2018 - 0 comments

A couple of months ago Ammi Systems gave an interview to eeDesignIt Magazine in relation to conversationalist AI platform UMA which you can read in full here:

Is the world ready for conversationalist AI?

The main point of the article was to assess wether or not business was ready for AI and all of the potential benefits that it could bring. Even 2 months since this interview was conducted, companies have continued to embrace the power of AI and its labour saving benefits. Chatbots are becoming commonplace in the e-commerce world.

Chatbots help buyers in looking for the right product, checking stock availability, product comparisons and making the payment. Without employing costly manual labour, chatbots are helping companies to add a personal touch to their online customer relationship.

In addition to communicating with customers, deep learning can predict buying habits and help warehouses to manage stock based on the analysis that is provided to them by their AI ‘researchers’.

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